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Artist Profile: Damian Velasquez, Metal

Damian has been a craftsperson for 20 years and lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This will be his first time exhibiting at Art In The Pearl. Teaching himself to weld led to making furniture, first for himself and then for friends. Before he knew it, he was exhibiting at art mobile casino fairs and has stayed busy ever since. Damien’s work is unique in that he uses ordinary materials and takes them out of context, resulting in highly refined forms that are simple and clean yet remain functional.… Continue reading →

Artist Profile: Chuck Castro, 3-D Mixed Media

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Chuck got his start as an artist in 1971 after serving two years in the army. Searching for what to do 3 million Americans gaining health coverage. with the rest of his life, he learned how to throw a pot 253 Chapter 22: Improving Business Processes with Big dead hard drive recovery Analytics: A Real-World View . from a friend. He first pursued pottery as a course of self-imposed art therapy, then as a career. He continued as a professional potter for 15 years, and then began working in wood and mixed media in 1991. Chuck says … Continue reading →

Artist Profile: Judy Stone, Metal

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Judy has been working in metal since 1972. She came to enameling by accident while studying on a Fulbright to Germany in 1968-69, and noticed something red hot and molten emerging from an enameling kiln. She then watched as Je kiest er eentje uit en gaat kijken wanneer deze open is, je moet ook kijken of dat je hier vanaf 18 of 21 jaar binnen mag, dan leg je jouw ID klaar, je kijkt naar de kledingvoorschriften van het casino en als je daar aan voldoet dan kun je gaan. brilliant transparent colors and the gloss of … Continue reading →

Artist Profile: Liz Collins, 2-D Mixed Media

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Liz has been an artist for about 30 years, starting out as a sign painter in Boulder, Colorado. She currently works with maps and music as well as her own writing to create unusual pieces that are somewhat abstract and always colorful and fun. The inherent metaphor in maps coupled with the fact that she has always loved to travel, even if it is just a two hour road trip, give the maps meaning. Liz says she also loves the texture of maps – the veins, the words, and the faint color … Continue reading →

Artist Profile: Ron Dobrowski, Photography

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Ron has been a photographer for over 30 years. His interest began while attending Montana State University in Bozeman, where he received a degree in still photography. The traditional black and white darkroom printing process that he learned at MSU is still the process he uses today, producing limited edition, toned, silver gelatin prints. Ron feels that his classic black and white prints have a unique look compared to current digitally produced images. He says there’s a little more magic, a little more hand crafted spirit involved in the process … Continue reading →

Artist Profile: Helga Winter, Woodworking

Helga has been working with wood since 1984 when she apprenticed to Paul Pitts, a fine furniture maker in Nashville, Tennessee. During a weekend woodturning class in Kentucky she produced a translucent maple bowl, received an order for three turned pieces the next day, atoledo and her career as a woodturner was off and running. Helga uses green, salvaged wood and works on a lathe starting with perfectly round pieces. She then embellishes the vessels with dyes and paints.… Continue reading →


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