Art In The Pearl Artist Profile: Randall Roberts

Randall Roberts is one of the few remaining professional bromoilists. This craftsman era process (used around 1900) creates one of a kind images. The process takes three days – not including the time to actually take the photograph on film. Randall replaces the black and white photographic The credit report agencies bureaus collect information about you and pass it on whenever somebody needs to get the scoop on you. image with an oil paint using a hogsfoot shaped brush. The finished bromoil has an etching like quality yet retains much of the information from the original photograph. The bromoil may be grainy, impressionistic, silky, soft, or painterly – each one having its own distinctive look.

Randall”s current body of work is primarily of the last of the wild mustangs living in a rugged mountain range in Montana. The mustang is the iconic symbol of America”s independent spirit. Each bromoil of these wild horses tells a story of survival, freedom, and beauty.

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