Artist Profile – Grayson Malone – 3D Mixed Media

With a background in the arts, architecture, building, landscape, and furniture design, Grayson Malone leans towards geometric and simple forms. Her cast stone and concrete mixed media pieces are infused with atomized metals, found objects, up-cycled and re-cycled materials. She first became interested in concrete as a material because of its ability to mate with and absorb many other materials. In particular, metals. She wanted to see what would happen if she integrated very finely ground particulates of bronze, copper, iron or steel, directly into dry cement. After a few years of experimentation she refined the mixture into a hybrid of metal and concrete creating an interesting visual and physical marriage of the two materials. The appearance of her metal -infused concrete forms can best be described as bronzed metallic stone, as the atomized (finely powdered) metals co-combine with cement to form a completely separate, distinct medium. The result is a much harder compound able to be polished to a fine satiny gloss or honed to an eggshell matte finish.

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