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Eileen Sorg


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Booth Number: B25

Email: [email protected]



The focus of my drawings is the story and so that is where they always begin. Once I have an idea in mind I create a rough drawing and then rework it over and over until I am happy with the composition.
This sketch is then transferred onto Arches Hot Press watercolor paper. From here I begin layering ink in the darkest areas and then watercolor to quickly get rid of the white of the paper.
Once this base is in place I slowly lay down multiple layers of wax-based colored pencils to create the depth and realism that I am looking for. This is the slowest part of the process but also the most rewarding.
The final piece of the puzzle is the title. It is an important element as it lets the viewer know where I am coming from and what I am trying to convey.
I really enjoy creating very realistic looking imagery that depicts obscure and other-worldly scenarios. My ultimate goal is to make people slow down, think a bit, and smile.



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