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Catching Rain

Medium: Moody, neutral palette in soft grays, cream and blue with contrasting black. Portland style.

Artist: Shellie Garber

Daisy Chain

Medium: Acrylic, house paint , paper and pencil on canvas. Many layers of paint create rich texture and variegation in this minimal naive landscape. So simple yet says it all, with room to breathe.

Artist: Shellie Garber


Medium: Playful composition in a neutral palette. Rich patina and texture create depth and interest. Come sail away!

Artist: Shellie Garber

Maids in a Row

Medium: Texture, charm and whimsy are the focus of this abstract landscape. Cozy neighbors.

Artist: Shellie Garber

Sample grouping

Artist: Shellie Garber


Our application deadline for our 2022 show has passed.

For information on how to apply for our 2023 show, please visit our How To Apply page in mid-November 2022. Thanks! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram.


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