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Catching Rain

Medium: Moody, neutral palette in soft grays, cream and blue with contrasting black. Portland style.

Artist: Shellie Garber

Daisy Chain

Medium: Acrylic, house paint , paper and pencil on canvas. Many layers of paint create rich texture and variegation in this minimal naive landscape. So simple yet says it all, with room to breathe.

Artist: Shellie Garber


Medium: Playful composition in a neutral palette. Rich patina and texture create depth and interest. Come sail away!

Artist: Shellie Garber

Maids in a Row

Medium: Texture, charm and whimsy are the focus of this abstract landscape. Cozy neighbors.

Artist: Shellie Garber

Sample grouping

Artist: Shellie Garber


Applications for our 2021 show are now closed.

For information on how to apply for our 2022 show, please visit our website on December 1st, 2021. For more information on our show application process see our How To Apply page.


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