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Lyn Sedlak-Ford

2-D Mixed Media

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My work is an integration of aluminum forms and reverse painting. Reverse painting is an ancient process. I have developed my techniques in a more contemporary style inspired by abstract expressionism.

Using pure color, freedom of line, and simplicity of shape, I slowly apply
thin washes of color building up layers. Multiple applications help to
create vibrant color interaction. This slow application and removal of dry pigment, acrylic paints, mica, and gold leaf influence the perceived depth. I cut into the surface of the acrylic, causing a three dimensional effect with the play of light which constantly influencing my direction. The play of color interacting with light serves as a guide. This process is repeated several times as I slowly build up visual texture.

My new sculptural work builds upon the past twenty-two years; which I have worked independently and collaboratively with my husband in clay, glass, painting, and metal.


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