Artist Finder

  • Brian ONeill: Large Lichen Sphere
  • Erica Zap: PN18 TRI
  • Alan McNiel: San Francisco - Stockton and Green
  • Nicario Jimenez: The Grape Harvest (Detail)
  • Louise Valentine: Sage/Lavender Bomaki
  • Marty Hulsebos: Misty Morning Rays
  • Jahe Smith: What Happened to the Plan
  • Eileen Sorg: Midlife Crisis
  • Shelley Martin: stoneware mug


Applications for our 2020 show are now closed.

For information on how to apply for our 2021 show, please visit our website on December 1st, 2020. For more information on our show application process see our How To Apply page.


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