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Meet our newest board members!

Deborah and Richard Bloom, Full time artists since 1972 Board position: Hospitality Chair We are a collaborative team and have been exhibiting at fine arts & crafts festivals for four decades. While we have travelled for shows all over the United States, we have lived in Portland and also shown here throughout those years. We […]

We NEED Volunteers!

Art in the Pearl couldn’t happen without the help of our dedicated, community-minded, and fun volunteers! Click here to Sign Up Now. As a volunteer, you’ll be a part of Portland’s vibrant art scene and experience one of the nation’s best Fine Arts & Crafts events. You’ll get to peek behind the curtain and work […]

How Art Can Positively Impact Your Home

Thank you to our new sponsor, REDFIN, for submitting this article about bringing art into your home. From cave drawings to renaissance sculptures, art has always been a fundamental part of human experience. One of the many reasons that we value art deeply is because creating, viewing, and incorporating art into our lives positively impacts […]


A HUGE THANKS to all OUR wonderful VOLUNTEERS who have signed up to help us at the 2017 ART IN THE PEARL  FESTIVAL September 2-4 LABOR DAY WEEKEND We still need help for FRIDAY set-up day —- FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1  Set-up begins at 8:00 as we begin putting up signs, counting T-Shirts, sorting programs, setting up […]

Artist Spotlight: Rita Vitali and Austin Heitzman

Austin Heitzman- Woodworking I source my lumber from salvaged city trees. This labor-intensive work saves the tree from the wood chipper and gives it a new life as heirloom furniture. My trees are milled locally, on a farm in the Columbia River Gorge, and then left to air dry for several years. This slow and […]

Artist Spotlight: Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley, Melissa Stiles

Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley makes mixed media paintings, using a combination of watercolor, acrylic, glitter, sequins and gold leaf. Her art is inspired by marine biology, Art Nouveau, nostalgia, kitsch, childhood experiences, asian art, fairy tales, illustrated manuscripts, psychadelia & the amazing & bizarre wonders of nature.  Melissa Stiles received her degree in Architecture and worked in the […]

Artist Spotlight

Ashley May Heitzman Jewelry and Kim Murton Ceramics Ashley designs and makes each piece of jewelry in her collection. Her original patterns and shapes are handcrafted from a range of precious metals – copper, silver, brass and gold – to create limited edition artisan jewelry. Kim Murton makes clay heads that hang on the wall using […]