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i create vessels of of molten glass. The colors and textures of each vessel explore the details we are surrounded by in nature, particularly the Pacific Northwest. Shadows on tree bark, mossy rock beds, turquoise water pools, blossoms, and lush waterscapes are evoked by layering colored glass in careful sequences and practiced palettes. I use mainly colors that interact with one another at the mineral oxide level to create "bonus colors" if you will. I melt powdered glass, crushed glass, molten glass together then "blow" the form into being. Basic tools are used, mainly, wet newspaper in the palm of my hand to shape the glass. Fierce heats keep the process from freezing up and ovens keep the glass from shattering after the form is complete. For larger pieces and more color detail I work with an assistant who is invaluable for assistance in heat shielding, color bit running, door opening, and much needed encouragement and physical support during "moments" of molten movement. All shaping and color adding is done by me personally.

Joining two separately colored pieces together is a favorite technique of mine. This is called incalmo. Storing one half of a piece in an oven after measuring the size of the opening, I carefully join the other half for a quick fuse. The two planes will often add a horizon or water line to the piece. After annealing the vessel overnight, I will chose some pieces to sandblast or engrave with a diamond wheel creating textures on the surface and a soft glow from the inside.


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