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Tegan Wallace

  • Anemone Earrings
  • Constellation pendant & brooch
  • UFO pendant
  • Black & White Pendant

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My jewelry combines my passion for metal with my love of pattern and texture. These works juxtapose smooth metal surfaces with more free-form organic ones. Each is designed to compliment everything from jeans and a t-shirt to the little black dress.
I fabricate each hollow silver form in my studio using a saw, torch, and various shaping tools. I then inlay a pliable resin, either flat or in threads. Using archival-quality pigments, I draw patterns on the flat surfaces and seal the resin for added protection. The thread inlays are cut at different lengths for variety and dimension. The entire piece is then sanded, oxidized or polished, and put on a hand-made sterling silver neck wire or chain.