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Alex Santamarina

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The processes I use are somewhat inspired by early pre industrial methods. Using materials like Stainless steel mesh, Aluminum, Wood and Rubber I elaborate around the concept of two-dimensional cuts that with creases and folds will become 3D objects. My influences come mainly from painters and sculptors of the pre WWII period, like Miro, Picasso, Calder, Moholy Nagy, the constructivist school sculptures and Origami. Also the pop designs of the 50’s and 60’s for their use of ornamental and whimsical elements that add to functionality, have play a role in my creative process.

Almost all of my designs are in a sense unique and different from each other since the technique I use makes almost impossible to come up with two identical pieces.

I shape the stainless steel mesh by applying pressure and folds, using wood and rubber to hold the tension that the stainless steel mesh generates, and in this way the object begins to define itself.

The rubber pieces I cut them by shaping razor sharp steel rules and applying pressure against the material, most of the tooling and techniques have been developed by me to fit each particular designing need.