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Lauri Chambers

Fiber - Wearable

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Felt making is a primitive craft. Working over a large ball, I "construct", from loose merino wool fiber, the hat. Most of the details are built in at this time. (There is no stitching or glueing in my process). I wrap the construction with cheesecloth to secure everything in place and then saturate it with warm soapy water. I use percussive motions to begin the felting process and when I deem it appropriate I unwrap the hat and remove it from the ball. At this point it is quite large, thin and somewhat fragile. I proceed to roll and roll and reroll it until it has shrunk to the proper size and thickness and has acquired considerable strength. ('Fulling' is the name for this part of the process.) I then rinse it and stretch it on a hat block. My blocks are of my own designs. When it is dry it has become a hat. Each of my hats is unique. This is important as it provides continual challenges for me technically and visually. I need to be engaged in whatever I choose to do with my time. I like technologies which I can understand with my hands. I take pleasure in the contemplation of form and color relationships. I respect well made objects. Joy is essential.


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