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The act of landscape painting itself forces movement. Whether it is hiking to a location, driving across continents, visiting places in the world, or experiencing the new ways the land is formed and pieced together, it all demands physical movement by the artist.

My paintings are contemporary-impressionistic works. All of my paintings are original oil on canvas, panel or paper works. First I apply my burnt sienna/orange acrylic tint to the surface. I then proceed with laying out my composition in graphite on the canvas. I continue with my under-painting, which is a burn sienna oil paint. The under-painting needs to dry for a minimum or 24 hours. I then start to mix my painting pallet. All of my paint is premixed before I start to paint on the canvas – this helps me to pre-plan my colors and keep them unblended on the canvas. My paintings are ala-prima (one session), so I am always working with wet-on-wet paint giving me freedom to move and manipulate the medium. Painting this way allows me to work in one layer, which helps to keep a fresh quality to my work. I also refer to my style of painting as gestural painting because I always stand to paint and am very active, applying quick, directional, brush strokes.
I’m very much inspired by Impressionist painters and their ability to take a moment in time and create movement within the work itself. I’m also very interested in printmaking techniques like woodcut prints and screen printing – the use of minimal colors, layering colors and keeping colors separated are all elements I utilize in my work.


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