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John Fields

  • Landscape
  • Pastiche #1
  • Incalmo Vase
  • Red Raven with Green Berry

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Our work is created in the off hand tradition of glass blowing , no molds, no paint.
We explore our ideas by developing pieces in series. By taking advantage of the layering/ gathering process that is inherent to glassblowing, and the chemical reactions that occur when juxtaposing glass that is colored with different metal oxides, we are able to achieve unique shades of color that have interest, depth, and variegation. Other design elements such as swirled together glass bits, glass chunks, and skinny strings of glass, are incorporated during the blowing process to enhance the suggestion of imagery that is begins to emerge from the background layer. We choose our forms, broad pouch shapes like a painters canvas or more rounded forms to best show the design we have created.