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Stephen Harmston

  • Home on the Range
  • Winter's Shadow
  • The Crows Nest
  • Old Guard

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My art is an attempt to share my views of western landscapes and other aspects of nature. The goal of my work is to simplify the existing subjects and create my version of that world. I'm inspired by the beauty found from my travels through the mountains and deserts with their brilliant skies, endless cloud shapes, trees and the shadows that they cast. I take liberties with the collected images, alter the colors and mix elements from varied subjects to create one image.
I create my art through the art medium of Serigraphy. While very labor intensive, it seems well suited for my creativity. I enjoy the physical aspects of printmaking.The hand cutting of the stencils creates the essence of my work. Each image is assembled one color at a time, by taking the hand-cut shapes and printing them in an overlaying sequence of transparent and opaque inks. I print only originals in very limited editions, choosing to forego the use of any other reproduction processes.