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James Engelhardt

3-D Mixed Media
  • 8 Drawer Cabinet
  • Dual Column Display Cabinet
  • Porcelain Leg Coffee Table
  • Wine cabinet

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To aid in the "GREENING OF AMERICA", recycled 100 yr. old wood is combined with antique architectural elements from victorian homes, as well as jewelry and other unique assorted finds to create unusual home furnishings and accessories. The recovered lumber is cleaned of rotten edges, planed on one side, nails removed, rust and lichen marks left intact, fresh cuts are hammered over on the edges to give the visual impression of wear, fresh cuts are veneered or painted to maintain aging, metal elements may be coated with muriatic acid to enhance rusting, nail holes are covered over and disguised. The design of the piece is usually determined by the prominent element chosen. All units are glued, bisquit jointed, and nailed for strength.