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Beth Poirier

Fiber - Other
  • Table Runner - Spring
  • Towel Series I
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  • Table Runner - Greens and Blues

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Using traditional, non-computerized floor looms, I design and weave towels, table runners, and napkins. My yarns are 100% cotton and 100% linen. Color is the most noticeable design element, but the texture and quality of the finished cloth are equally important.

My towels are meant to be used and I weave them with absorbency and durability in mind. The more they're used the better they get. I make two different sizes suitable for kitchen or bath. Each towel is hemmed by hand and can be machine washed and dried.

Table runners are woven in a variety of lengths. They're hemstitched at both ends while still on the loom then, after I cut them off the loom, I hand-twist the fringe. These extra steps ensure an elegant and durable finish. They can be machine washed and dried but hand-washing is preferable.

Napkins are square versions of my towels using the same fibers and techniques.