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I have recently started working with wood. It is an old favorite that I am returning to. I have chosen ebony and holly (yes, that berried bush is capable of producing some fine hunks of wood) because of their common hardness and contrasting colors. I find I can add another dimension to my jewelry as well as freeing up my shapes when I am carving.

Each of my metal pieces starts with flat sheets of precious metal and wire. They are all hand-fabricated, by myself. Customers often ask if my pieces are cast or solid. No, they are not. Each is hollow, formed, and soldered in a carefully choreographed sequence. I use a variety of tools to help me from a rolling mill, to a hydraulic press, pliers, hammers, forming stump. With each piece, even those in a series, I try to expand on the concept, push it further, and explore the shapes.


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