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Babette Harvey

  • Bird Enjoys The Dance While Also Being Watchful Of Her Nest
  • Ptarmigan Watches Bear Woman As She Contemplates The Future
  • A Conversation
  • New Red Boots

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The underlying narrative throughout my work is an exploration of the natural world, humanity, and the environmental issues we face. Each sculpture addresses these subjects through the juxtaposition of nature imagery and human centered objects. Animals with planets or books on their head or women dancing on bears are a way of keeping hope and humor alive while speaking about issues that I deeply care about.
Hand built sculpture for pedestal or wall using mid range white clay. After each piece dries to the leather hard stage I pencil draw imagery onto the sculpture and then carve it in low relief. Later after the first kiln firing I stain and china paint each piece. China paints are overgrazes which I use in a non traditional way. I paint them on fully fired sculptures without a glaze underneath. This allows for a more matt surface as in a watercolor. All sculptures are kiln fired after china painting.