Emma Morehouse

Emma MorehouseToday, Tomorrow and Monday at 1 and 4 pm. At the Earth Narrative Booth on Davis between Park and 8th: Live performance/ sculpture installation by dance and visual artist, Emma Morehouse. The piece, Column, is inspired by the private spheres we create around ourselves in moments of silence. These are moments we tune our senses and notice the malleability of inside and outside. The installation overlays with video and exists as a space indicative of the regenerative and persistent nature of the earth. Between the outside viewer and the performer within there is a porous membrane. Light, shadow, and a sense of weight and depth pass through. Within this membrane the performer moves through a sequence using rhythms and shapes informed by the organization of cells into organisms, all atop a thick layer of earth. Live installation times are Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at 1 and 4. 

 About Emma Morehouse:

I recently moved here from the Northeast where I was working on a farm/artist residency project therunnymedeproject.org. While I've mostly studied choreography and dance, my work varies widely in form. Most recently I've been working on large drawings examining the reinterpretation of information, and movement-based public performance. I've been inspired by minimalism and while I wouldn't call my work “minimalist” I will say I'm interested in the direct and immediate experience of the piece, whatever that may be for the viewer. 


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