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As a volunteer, you’ll be a part of Portland’s vibrant art scene and experience one of the nation’s best Fine Arts & Crafts events. You’ll get to peek behind the curtain and work alongside the artists – learning about them, their art and discovering what the art festival life is all about. We encourage you to bring friends, family and/or co-workers to make the experience even more fun!

Additional perks include a commemorative t-shirt, complimentary sodas & snacks AND a chance to win $50 in “Pearl Bucks” Friday-Sunday, with a mega-prize on Monday! (Pearl Bucks are good for purchases in our artists’ booths, you must volunteer that day to be eligible to win).

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Announcing Our 2019 Jury

Our 2019 Jury

The board chooses 5 artists or arts professionals to jury our artist applications. There is a different and unique jury every year.

Christine Clark

Christine Clark is an installation and public artist who works in steel, wire, abstract sculpture and mixed materials.  She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions locally and nationally and is a member of the Nine Gallery, a non-profit alternative art gallery that exhibits experimental and installation-based work in Portland.  She is a two-time recipient of the Oregon Arts Commission Fellowship Grant as well as a Professional Development Grant.  She has completed public art commissions at the University of Oregon, on Bainbridge Island, Washington and at Eastern Oregon University’s Pierce Library in LaGrande, Oregon.  She has two forthcoming public art projects, one in Everett, Washington and a public park in Portland.  She has been awarded residencies such as the John Michael Kohler Arts and Industry residency and at the Ucross Foundation in Wyoming.  She is currently a Professor at Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland.  Her MFA is from Rochester Institute and a BFA from the University of Washington in Seattle.

Laura Ross-Paul

Laura Ross-Paul has been pioneering and promoting fine art in the Pacific Northwest for decades. In addition to her numerous gallery showings, she has held solo exhibitions at the Portland Art Museum, the Art Gym at Marylhurst University, Oregon State University, and Colorado College, where she held a Guest Artist position in 2007 Also in 2007 she was awarded the Bonnie Bronson Fellowship, a distinction designed to honor Pacific Northwest artists.  Born in Portland, OR in 1950, Ross-Paul attended Oregon State University, received her BFA from Fort Wright College in Spokane, WA, and received her BS in Arts and MFA in Painting from Portland State University. She has served on numerous boards and committees for local and regional art and has held teaching positions at Lewis & Clark College, the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland State University, and the Oregon College of Arts and Craft. She was appointed Commissioner of Portland’s Metropolitan Art Commission in 1994.  Her vivid shapes work to bridge abstraction, representing the intellectual and spiritual, and realism, the material and scientific. She balances multiple dualities with vibrant color; translucent layers of oil and wax, and impressions of the natural environment. Throughout her career she has cultivated an expressionist-driven style –  labeled everything from neo- impressionist to magical realist — that is dynamic, distinctive, and celebrated.

Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley

Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley makes mixed media paintings from watercolor, acrylic and gouache. Inspirations include marine biology, Art Nouveau, nostalgia, kitsch, childhood experiences, asian art, fairy tales, psychadelia & the amazing & bizarre wonders of nature. She graduated from CCAC in Oakland CA with a BFA in photography and currently resides in Portland, OR where she does fine art and commission paintings and commercial photography. Her work has shown at Vermillion, Thinkspace, Roq la Rue, the Crocker Museum, the AKC Museum of the Dog and The China Institute in Paris, France, and has been published in Subculture in the World (Shoeisha, Japan), Spectrum – The Best In Contemporary Fantastic Art (volumes 13, 15, 19), Emaho Magazine (India), and Studio Visit Magazine (Open Studios Press) 2009 and 2010.  Kamala belongs to Waterstone Gallery (Portland, OR) and recently was awarded a combined Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking/Visual Arts Residency at Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. She spends her free time trying to make her yard look like Hawaii.

Jim Piper

My interest in art has been a lifelong passion. As a college student of art, architecture and photography, I developed a broad understanding and appreciation of the all-encompassing concept of fine art.

As a commercial photographer, for over 25 years, I photographed the artwork of many of the areas most respected artists, including Frank Boyden, Margot Voorhies-Thompson, Martin Eichinger, Michael deForest, Pat Horsley, Newman Myrah and many others. Through my exposure to art of many media, I further developed my understanding and knowledge of the world of truly fine art.

My association with artists for over 40 years, first as a commercial photographer then as a craftsman and artist, instilled an ardent respect for form and craftsmanship. It has long been apparent, that quality and attention to detail, earns long-lived reverence and appreciation.

More recently, my work, as a woodturner, carver and sculptor, has enabled me to express my personal experiences, sometimes abstractly, in a media that I have a lifetime of exposure to. I was raised in a logging community in southwest Oregon, learning about wood and the forest around me as I grew up. In the early ’80s I milled timbers for the construction of our home from trees that grew on our homesite northwest of Portland, Oregon. I continue to be enamored with the character of wood and love working with it as my primary media of choice.

Yoshi Aoki

Yoshi was born and raised in Japan.  After graduating from Meiji University, and obtaining a B.A. in literature, He worked in many different environments while he enjoyed acrylic painting and other art projects.  He started his art career creating sculptural lamps with wire and paper in 2002.  His fascination with the construction of three dimensional forms lead him to create non-functional sculptures.  He uses various metals, hardwood pieces and clay for his unique creations.

Yoshi exhibits his work at galleries and the nation’s top juried shows and has won several awards.  He lives in Oregon’s coastal mountain range with his wife and three cats and a dog.

How Art Can Positively Impact Your Home

Thank you to our new sponsor, REDFIN, for submitting this article about bringing art into your home.
From cave drawings to renaissance sculptures, art has always been a fundamental part of human experience. One of the many reasons that we value art deeply is because creating, viewing, and incorporating art into our lives positively impacts brain chemistry.

Bringing this positive energy into your home is one of the ways to make our space a healthy outlet for feelings and self-expression. Whether you’ve been in Portland for ten years or you recently rented a new space, choosing art is one of the best ways to make your new place feel like home.

Benefits of Art in the Home

Often we find it hard to fully express ourselves, even to those whom are closest to us. Art gives us the ability to be introspective; a therapeutic release for individuals that struggle to express themselves in everyday life. Having art in the home creates self-awareness and opens up the opportunity for vulnerability in your personal space.

Studies show that viewing art also decreases stress levels, improving critical thinking skills, and relieve mental fatigue. Embracing art and filling your home with paintings, photography, or sculptures can bring these positive effects into your life more frequently.

Choosing Art That Evokes Emotion

Many individuals believe that you must be highly knowledgeable and experienced with art to incorporate it within your home. In reality, the process of choosing art for your space can be as simple as recognizing what benefits you would like from each room. One way to select your art is to find colors that match the type of emotion you want to feel in your space. This color chart is a guide to colors and which emotions they evoke:

Green Natural, Stable, Prosperous
Yellow Cheerful, Friendly, Revitalization
Red Passionate, Aggressive, Intensity
Blue Calming, Inviting, Trust
Purple Mysterious, Luxurious, Romantic
Brown/Nudes Grounded, Earthy, Strength


Besides focusing on emotion, you can also choose art based the overall aesthetic you would like to achieve within your home. You may have specific furniture you would like to match or other design elements in your home that contribute to an overall theme.

Choosing Art that Fulfills You

The most important thing to remember when choosing art is to select pieces that fulfill you. You want to be able to connect with the piece of art over time. Don’t sacrifice your personal taste or style when you’re investing in your home! Here are a few additional types when picking out your art:

  • Get to know the artist – Understanding the context around the art can make viewing the piece even more rewarding.
  • Pay attention to how the art fits – Place your art in a space where it can be admired regularly. How does the art fit within the space? Does the frame and size work with the elements around it?
  • Only choose art you truly love – The energy of your home will stay with you throughout the day. Make sure that you find a piece that will bring you joy.

Art allows you to practice self-expression, increases brain capacity, and adds panache to your home. Whether you choose to take up a new art medium or just invest in a piece, you’ll be supporting the local arts community. Your walls will thank you!

ARTISTS: You are invited to apply—

Art In The Pearl
Fine Arts and Crafts Festival

September 2, 3, & 4
The 21st Annual Art In The Pearl Fine Arts and Crafts Festival will be held Labor Day weekend.  It is located in one of the most beautiful areas in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon.  The festival is rated one of the top ten art festivals in the country featuring the artwork of 130 artists.

Drawing an estimated 75,000 attendees, Art In The Pearl features exceptional visual artists, artist demonstrations, an interactive art area for children of all ages, a songwriters stage, and a variety of unique food.

Our  Emerging Artist Program provides artists in the early stage of their art career, an opportunity to gain experience marketing their work at one of our nation’s premier art festivals.

Art In The Pearl is developed and produced by a dedicated volunteer board committed to stewardship and reaching out to our community through art, education, and entertainment.

Please submit your application to join us for one of the best arts festivals in the country at www.Zapplication.org

Festival Dates: September 2,  3,  & 4,  2017
Early  Application Deadline:  February 15, 2017          Application Fee:  $35
Late Deadline:  February 28, 2017                               Application Fee:  $45

Volunteers Needed

Volunteer opportunities during the Art In The Pearl Festival abound! We would love to have you come down and help us make our 19th show our best ever. And there are PERKS! You get a lovely t-shirt in the size of your choice, access to incredible artists and lots or excellent responsibilities. You can sign up now HERE.

Oregon Art Beat Meet & Greet

Oregon Art Beat will be at Art In The Pearl, Portland’s annual fine arts and crafts community festival, on Labor Day weekend.

Oregon Art Beat will be leading an informational Q&A with featured artist Grayson Malone, show producers, and videographers. Attendees will learn what it is like to be featured on Oregon Art Beat, Grayson’s cast stone, concrete and metal mixed media sculptures, and what’s in store for the upcoming season of Oregon Art Beat.

Join Oregon Art Beat at the start of Art In The Pearl on Saturday, Aug. 30, at 10:30 a.m. at NW 8th Avenue in Portland—between Burnside and Glisan. RSVP here.

For more information:
o Art In The Pearl – http://www.artinthepearl.com/
o Grayson Malone – http://www.cowboy-zen.com/index.html
o Art Beat Segment on Art In The Pearl – http://watch.opb.org/video/2365251502/