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I start with non-ferrous sheet metal of various gauges. Peaks and valleys are created on 24 gauge silver sheet using a reticulation technique by heating the sheet several times with a reduced flame from a torch. The final step is to use a very hot, pinpoint flame on the sheet; the metal starts to move, creating a pattern on the sheet. The reticulated metal is cleaned in an acid solution and the fine silver is now on the surface of the sheet. 18k gold wire is cut in small snippets, heated on a charcoal block to make small gold balls. The balls are then placed in an acid wash, washed in water, then placed in a dish, containing a steel nail, a gum solution, a pinch of water, batterns flux and copper carbide. The balls become copper coated and are ready to be placed in the location of choice. The solution and gold balls are allowed to dry; a reduced flame is used on the silver and granulated balls until the balls fuse to the silver. The bezels holding the stones in place
are fabricated from round tubing or 24 gauge sheet. A seat is cut for the facetted stone, and set using stone setting techniques. Stock bimetal sheet 18k and 22k gold, it consists of a layer of gold fused to silver sheet. The bimetal and silver sheet are embossed by placing the sheet in a rolling mill sandwiched with paper or etched plates. I also use hammering techniques to create texture on metal. The bimetal is then soldered to a patterned/textured sheet of silver. The final piece is placed in a patina solution, wash and brush with a brass brush to achieve a gunmetal affect. The link chains are fabricated using square,rectangle wire or tubing.The artist fabricates all clasps and findings


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