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I have been working in my medium since 1972. Along the way I have developed a unique composite of enameling techniques based on the contemporary work of the late Fred Ball and the teaching of the late Bill Helwig. I work mainly on copper which I form by raising, spinning, and/or pressing in a hydraulic press. Some of the pieces are then electroformed or clad in thin copper sheet or mesh to add texture to the surfaces. Most of the vessel shapes are cut and then rejoined with woven copper wire, copper rivets, and copper tubing. I call these "destructed" vessels Burnt Offerings because they not only represent my homage to the medium and the power of heat and fire, but also they challenge me to heal what has been destroyed and hopefully make it more beautiful. At the moment when I fire each layer of enamel in a piece I give up control and let the heat of the kiln move the work in conjunction with the properties of the materials involved. Ultimately it is in giving up some control that I feel the most satisfaction. The enamel imagery often suggests flaying or dissecting the innards of the piece to reveal what’s beneath. It also evokes ‘place’ for me and that place is often in Greece or the US Southwest. I want the satin finishes to be handled and caressed. I want light to play on and through the pieces.


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