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Maria Simon


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My work draws fundamentally upon landscape, even the most abstract pieces. It's an exploration of light and shadow, rhythm and movement, edge and volume, energy and stillness. Navigating the intimate details of what captures my attention in the natural world, I interpret how things really “behave”, and how these details tell a larger tale. The images are meditations on stories told in the land that echo in the human psyche and spirit ---water moving around a rock, wind moving over a field of grass; small stones trapped in crevices, the sensual structure and texture of a tiny seed--- I invite others to resonate with the color, power, and gesture of the sculpted image, and to bring their own narratives to the work.
All pieces are carved terra cotta or white stoneware, painted with thin layers of stained terra sigillata, burnished, then fired to oxidation cone 04,. The work is both luminous and colorful, without the use of glaze. Recessing the pieces in hardwood frames completes much of the work.


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