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Susan Frerichs


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I am drawn to imagery that reflects a connection to spirit, awareness, curiosity, and playfulness. My work explores the idea that, beyond the role of adornment, jewelry can act as a visual and tactile manifestation of memories, dreams, stories, and intentions. I believe that jewelry can become a powerful symbol of personal mythos, as well as a reminder to cultivate presence and openness.

I hand-fabricated all of my pieces from sterling silver or gold. I use a variety of traditional metalworking techniques, such as fold-forming to create volume from a flat sheet, and riveting to add moving parts and animation. I often texture and oxidize my work to bring out its delicate details and sculptural dimensionality. Many of my pieces can be layered together in different combinations to create a wearable narrative.

Drawing inspiration from the unexpected beauty and sense of impending loss that can be encountered in the collision of the industrial and natural worlds, I often explores images of a fading American mythology. My work, which can stir unique individual associations, also tends to point to our essential connectedness and a certain shared experience of the world.


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