How Art Can Positively Impact Your Home

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From cave drawings to renaissance sculptures, art has always been a fundamental part of human experience. One of the many reasons that we value art deeply is because creating, viewing, and incorporating art into our lives positively impacts brain chemistry.

Bringing this positive energy into your home is one of the ways to make our space a healthy outlet for feelings and self-expression. Whether you’ve been in Portland for ten years or you recently rented a new space, choosing art is one of the best ways to make your new place feel like home.

Benefits of Art in the Home

Often we find it hard to fully express ourselves, even to those whom are closest to us. Art gives us the ability to be introspective; a therapeutic release for individuals that struggle to express themselves in everyday life. Having art in the home creates self-awareness and opens up the opportunity for vulnerability in your personal space.

Studies show that viewing art also decreases stress levels, improving critical thinking skills, and relieve mental fatigue. Embracing art and filling your home with paintings, photography, or sculptures can bring these positive effects into your life more frequently.

Choosing Art That Evokes Emotion

Many individuals believe that you must be highly knowledgeable and experienced with art to incorporate it within your home. In reality, the process of choosing art for your space can be as simple as recognizing what benefits you would like from each room. One way to select your art is to find colors that match the type of emotion you want to feel in your space. This color chart is a guide to colors and which emotions they evoke:

Green Natural, Stable, Prosperous
Yellow Cheerful, Friendly, Revitalization
Red Passionate, Aggressive, Intensity
Blue Calming, Inviting, Trust
Purple Mysterious, Luxurious, Romantic
Brown/Nudes Grounded, Earthy, Strength


Besides focusing on emotion, you can also choose art based the overall aesthetic you would like to achieve within your home. You may have specific furniture you would like to match or other design elements in your home that contribute to an overall theme.

Choosing Art that Fulfills You

The most important thing to remember when choosing art is to select pieces that fulfill you. You want to be able to connect with the piece of art over time. Don’t sacrifice your personal taste or style when you’re investing in your home! Here are a few additional types when picking out your art:

  • Get to know the artist – Understanding the context around the art can make viewing the piece even more rewarding.
  • Pay attention to how the art fits – Place your art in a space where it can be admired regularly. How does the art fit within the space? Does the frame and size work with the elements around it?
  • Only choose art you truly love – The energy of your home will stay with you throughout the day. Make sure that you find a piece that will bring you joy.

Art allows you to practice self-expression, increases brain capacity, and adds panache to your home. Whether you choose to take up a new art medium or just invest in a piece, you’ll be supporting the local arts community. Your walls will thank you!