Art In The Pearl By The Numbers

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AUGUST 31, 2013, 10:00 am

That is the date and time that is the focus of 20 hard working artists–the AIP Board of Directors. What do these 20 people bring to the festival to make it one of the top shows in the country?   Consider the following stats, and maybe you will have an answer:


15 ​… Number of artists on the first AIP Board, each throwing $100 into the pot and going forward, without a doubt.

17 Years Art In The Pearl has existed.


 3 …  Number of founding members still on the AIP Board.


157 … Number of total years this AIP board has worked on AIP.  Said another way, this year's board is drawing on 157 years of experience and knowledge to produce Art In The Pearl. 


32 … Average number of years a member of this board has sold his or her artwork.  They know what it takes!  But each is remarkably YOUNG!

Little known facts that definitely contribute to Art In The Pearl’s continued success:

1 member sold macramé at Harrod's in London
1  member sold beaded jewelry on Haight Street in San Francisco.

1 member has been and always will be a pirate.


 Arrg, Matey.  Get Art In The Pearl on your calendar!  Saturday, Sunday and Monday, August 31 — September 2. 

2 thoughts on “Art In The Pearl By The Numbers

  1. Hi. My daughter works in the Pearl has a complete body artist. She was considering helping her sister move to Boston to help trick out the kids for the first day of school. Now, I will suggest she try and get extra hours at school if all those people will be around. My question is do you have a brochure or map or something. My daughter’s partner is a glass artist and it would be really cool if they knew where was what. We also support Tribal Bellydancing and would like to know any schedules, etc. Or do people just show up and pour water on each other to try and stay a little cooler. Opps. Hopefully those visual artist’s work in a medium with some water resistance. Or are you guys a little more organized. Never heard of it before it was mentioned, very briefly, on upcoming neat things on Public Broadcasting. Any references would be nice. I really can’t just look up old blogs to advice my kids on what my be relevant to them.

    [email protected]

    1. Please peruse our website for information about schedules and demonstration booths. There is a program that is available at the show and there is also an Oregonian special section that will come out the Friday before the show opens in the A & E.

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